Agency Partnerships

Strong Agency Partnerships

Partnering With Agencies For Marketing Video Production

When it comes to working with agencies on corporate videos, eMotion knows the processes.  While other companies don’t like having a middle man between a clients and marketing video production company, eMotion Picture Studios embraces it.  We feel that having more players involved can only help the end product.  From training videos to website videos, eMotion can bring your vision to life with state of the art equipment.  Toronto corporate videos have never been more accessible.  With eMotion picture studios located in Burlington Ontario,   shooting a marketing video can be done with ease.  We do what we can for clients to meet their needs. We travel to your location to shoot or you can come to our studio that is equipped with a green room and other equipment needed for that perfect shot. A turning table is available for a 360 view of any products you would like to feature in your video. [hr_top]

Marketing Video Production For Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies that offer marketing video production are able to market and advertise more effectively for their clients.  Don’t be left in the dust; partner with eMotion Picture Studios, and offer your clients the fully integrated marketing campaign they want.  Including marketing video production to your list of services adds to the value that you are providing.  Make sure your clients don’t have a reason to talk to another marketing agency by offering them more services. Having worked with Cadbury, Bell Canada, GlaxoSmithKline and many other fortune 100 companies, eMotion understands the attention to detail needed for high end marketing video production.   We shoot our corporate videos using a red epic camera, the same camera used to film major motion pictures such as the Hobbit.  We use a camera of this caliber so you have the clearest shot possible.  eMotion Picture studios strives for perfection and every marketing video produced is treated like it’s going to play during the Super Bowl – even if it is just going on YouTube. Whoever your client is, or if you need in house work done,  eMotion picture studios will partner with you on any corporate video project. Call or email us to discuss opportunities.