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Video Production Services

When video production services are done right, they’re not a cost; they’re an investment. Reel Vision is the North American leader in professional, affordable corporate video production that meets the unique needs of businesses in today’s rapidly changing environment. Contact us today to learn more about how our video production services can benefit your business. Our knowledgeable team will show you how YOUR VISION will be brought to life.

Highest Quality in Corporate Video Production

Your corporate video in cinematic quality.
At Reel Vision, our state of the art technology allows us to film and edit at approximately five times the high definition standard most cameras produce. This allows us to bring the quality of a Hollywood movie to your corporate video production, and it doesn’t stop there. Our team brings over 40 years of quality corporate video production experience with them to the execution of your project. We understand that your corporate video reflects your company and its values, so let our uncompromising quality speak for you.

On Time Video Production

Your deadline is our deadline.
We understand tight timelines and work within them. With on-location film and edit capabilities, our agile 2-person crews are available for travel to most North American locales at a moment’s notice, providing you the opportunity to approve your project in real time and allowing us to meet your video production needs in as little as five days. Whether you’re investing in a promotional video, an internet video or any of our other video production services; we promise to deliver a high quality product while obliging by your deadlines.

Promotional Video Production & Video Marketing Toronto

Reel Vision gets you noticed. In our global economy, business opportunities exist 24 hours a day. Create a border-free digital sales representative that can speak directly to potential clients for optimum branding and impact every time, any time. A promotional video will drive interest to your product and service offerings like no text-based marketing can, and in addition are a vital part of any strategy to boost your search ranking results. From video marketing to business meetings, your company’s promotional video can be utilized in a multitude of settings and most importantly, can lead to increased sales and brand awareness.

Tradeshow Video Production

Image matters. Whether you are looking to expand in the franchise world, be perceived as experts in your industry or you’re looking to “wow” potential clients, we can help. Our cinema-quality tradeshow videos are specifically crafted to drive interest from parties passing by. Transform your trade show booth design from static to dynamic with a single call to Reel Vision. Our eye-catching tradeshow videos will allow your booth to stand out amongst a flurry of displays.

Engaging Educational & Training Videos

Reduce time, costs and inconsistency in your training.
Whether you are on-boarding new personnel or cascading best practices to your current employees, a professionally produced training video will save you both time and money while increasing your results. Training videos allow your key personnel to keep at their priority activities as opposed to taking time away to provide instruction to new employees. As a delivery platform, videos have been proven to increase retention and shorten the time span necessary to grasp a concept. This allows your training video to act as an investment in your company and your staff. Your customized video footage, complete for use in just five days, can also be incorporated into PowerPoint™ presentations or be used as part of webinar distance training for a personalized e-learning environment. Your training video can even be formatted to include a written examination based on its material to facilitate feedback and follow-up. Don’t waste any more time or resources on training that is subject to human error; provide consistent and effective training by investing in Reel Vision’s training video production services.

Inform and Protect with Health & Safety Training Videos

Convey crucial information through a safety training video.
With in-person safety training, you run the risk of understatement or omission of critical information that helps keep your employees safe. You understand the importance of your company’s safety protocols; provide your new employees the opportunity to gain that same understanding with a consistent and reliable safety training video. We tailor health & safety content and images to your specific industry, allowing them to be presented in a standardized, clear and comprehensible manner suited to your unique needs.

Video+: Our Value Ad

We are more than video; we are your solution.
Discover versatility that you didn’t know existed with our corporate video production services. We provide web integration, repurpose video editing, animation/multimedia, eCommerce solutions for your online store and embedding your corporate video into websites such as your homepage or YouTube™, into PowerPoint™ presentations, tablet, cellphone or USB drives, as well as provide traditional DVD media.

Animation & Multimedia

Ideal for training videos, virtual tours, tradeshow videos, interactive web design and personalized screen savers, Reel Vision Picture Studios offers Flash animation, walk-on video, and dynamic virtual salesperson formats.

Green Screen, Sound & Text Overlay

Be anywhere. Green screen technology in our studio allows for realistic, representative background images to enhance your video. Your imagination is the limit! In studio, we offer complimentary use of a teleprompter for smooth on-camera dialogue. More options include voice over, text overlay and closed captioning, as well as subtitles available in multiple languages. We also offer an extensive catalogue of music and graphics to complement your unique needs.

Our Process

Our process begins and ends with your vision. We take the time to understand what success looks like to you, so that we can be sure to accomplish it. Once we are completely aligned, we begin our initial storyboard, which can be created together or revised by you for approval upon completion. From there, a script is created which, again, can be a joint effort or can be simply submitted for your revision and approval. We offer in-studio green screen and teleprompter service at no additional charge to ensure an unbeatable on-camera image. If required, acting talent can be hired and brought up to speed on your company, products and/or services and most importantly, the goals of your corporate video production. Only then do we begin working on the video shoot, either on site or in-house. From there, edits are incorporated and we provide you with a rough cut of your corporate video production for approval and any final changes, which can be completed on the spot. This encourages an expedited delivery of the finished product; often within 5 days. Finally, we tailor the video footage to the distribution of your choice, to best reach your target audience.

Our Team

Equal parts experience and inspiration, our accomplished industry professionals have brought their passion for video production services to clients since 2001. Adept and adaptable, our crew of skilled technicians creates corporate, commercial and training video productions for a wide variety of clients, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

The Reel Vision corporate video production team offers a diverse yet cohesive background in widely published photojournalism, scenic and studio photography, documentary features and creative videography, multimedia communications technology, industry-related post-secondary instruction, and Apple post-production certifications.

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